WeInvest is a
startup collective
Your co-founders from all over the world
Specifically as a VC, it is our job to identify the most talented Ukrainian Founders and innovative new solutions to fund and facilitate their adoption in the Global Markets at scale.
The International Ecosystem to Co-Found Ukrainian Startups
Above and beyond financial performance, our mission is to bring useful and helpful innovations into the Global Markets that will have a positive impact on the Ukrainian economy and society.
WeInvest in Ukrainian Founders
Every investment we make is subject to a screening process that assesses its impact on Ukrainian Venture Capital market and it's future economy and infrastructure
Your Startup Team starts here
We source great international Founders and help them to get entrepreneurial skills. We work together on their idea to launch on Global Market
We form the complete international startup team, train and educate them to work in VC space and adopt them into startups.
We work together with the startups in daily basis and we are in charge of project management, budget spending and strategy decisions.
Daily Operations
We invest $25,000 check into best performing idea-stage startups only when we see market demand and strong buying patterns.
Please take a look at our funds and investment strategy and use the form below to submit your founders application or your startup pitch deck. We are looking forward to hearing about you.