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The Future of Company Building
After many years of working on global markets and raising their own startups from scratch, WeInvest team has developed their own ecosystem of growing startups with the involvement of a high number of co-founders and team members and increasing efficiency of investors’ resources.
Over the last 10 years the WeInvest team launched and scaled 14 startups in the US and European markets o/w 7 reached the post-revenue stages (50% success rate) with more than $1M of annual revenue and startups valued at $50M and $150M. The team raised over $15M in its own startups and closed M&As with 5 US companies.
DigiMax Global (CSX:DIGI)
2017 December
Idea-to-IPO startup that was founded in 2017 and publicly listed on Canadian Securities Exchange. As a PubCo we've build strong global investor network and developed AI-enabled products. Over the next 5 years the company has made 5 M&A of US-based startups to disrupt US market and closed $20M in private placements.
DTC market is tough especially for new small brands. But we was lucky to found the startup and develop the product and our own marketing and sales channels with more than 1 million of subscribers and millions of $ in revenue over 5 years.
2010 -
Co-Founding history
Ventures that we launched from the idea in the last 5 year timeline
Startup Graveyard
School of C
The time we saw global Venture Capital market transforming as a whole during the pandemic time we understood how much impact we can make with the VC Education online where ambitious future founders can study real life cases. We created huge startup founders community and find the way how to monetize it with high margin.
Co-founded startup with very ambitious Ukrainian founders who disrupting $500B digital avatars market. We joined in the very early stage at 2021 as an early investor and made impact as a co-founders from the product-marketing and investor relations side. The startup generating rev through a B2B SaaS business model.
Various startups that was nearly dead or generated low revenue was launched in first 7 years of our startup experience. Some of Today' dead startups was pretty successful and made over $1M but didn't make it through the time.
WeInvest Capital
Starting with very small group of ambitious co-founders and early supporters we have lunched Startup Studio and quickly transfer it into large Venture Builder that focused on startup operations and execution globally. Thousands of co-founders join us every month from all over the world to take part in our portfolio startups.
Our Mission
WeInvest is a NextGen Venture Builder that offers its investors the opportunity to invest in early-stage startups with better terms. We developed our own methodology and a new approach to company building enabling us to launch hundreds of startups every year with high speed and at low cost and scale these startups up to the Series A financing rounds.

What makes us different to others in the market is our active involvement with each of our portfolio startups, i.e., we become long-term Co-Founders in each startup and actually manage all crucial business operations with the support of our global community
Please take a look at our funds and investment strategy and use the form below to submit your founders application or your startup pitch deck. We are looking forward to hearing about you.
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