to ensure profitability of business, plan activities and resources, and attract investments
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Financial Models
for startups

Why do you need a financial model?

this document is not only needed to attract Investments, but it can also prevent Startup death
It’s common knowledge that the number one reason for startup failure is running out of cash. About 38% of startups die because of plain old bankruptcy. There are multiple factors that go into either failing to secure the necessary funding or failing to use the funding you did get efficiently. However, the solution to avoiding both of these scenarios is more or less the same: having a good financial model. During building a financial model, you with the assistance of our team will analyze and plan the most important business processes and avoid traps and pitfalls.
What makes financial modeling so important for startup?
At first, company has to be
economically viable
The fact of the matter is, you’ll be able to know if your idea can turn into a sustainable business only after you quantify and validate your business plan.
Then building financial model allows you to

plan processes and metrics

In order to prepare a financial model, you’ll have to structure your business and cash flows. It clarifies your vision and help you prepare for the future by building different scenarios
And finally one of the most important
it is necessary for fundraising
All investors need to see a financial model in order to ensure the business’s profitability and the possibility to return investments.

Q & A

Here are the top reasons why it's better to make Financial Modeling throught our service

    energy and effort
    Starting off from a DIY software or template that you have to customize yourself is time consuming and requires good knowledge of finance and Excel.
    about quality

    Doing it yourself carries the risk of making mistakes in your model build and accidentally breaking formulas without easily knowing how to fix them.

  • NO MORE uncertain guesses
    Don’t get lost in all the ways you could build the model. Have certainty that your model is correct and truly reflects the way you think about your business.
  • CLARITY INSTEAD of gloom
    Be fully confident that the financial model is laser focused on the most impactful drivers of your business and leaves out distracting and irrelevant features.
And it's 100% founder-friendly
and investor-friendly
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