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Get both: quantum career leap and startup equity
The only Practical Course in the world for Russian-speaking Middle Product Managers to become Seniors. It's an online internship in a US company - from 6 to 9 months of everyday hard work on brand new products at the Startup Campus where work 50+ real-life International Startups from 23 industries with 367 Team Members in one place. After this Course our Interns work at:
1.Take a quantum leap:
during just 6-9 months you'll get an experience you've never had before and you'll never get anywhere else
start: March 21, 2023
  • LinkedIn Skills Endorsement
  • Personal Letters of Recommendation
  • Global Venture Builder Certificate
Your International Senior Experience will be proven by World Experts with:
years on VC market
successful IPO exit
in sales in 6 startups
people community
  • Absolute Independence and freedom to build real-life products the way you see fit
  • Diverse Industries: EdTech, FinTech, SpaceTech, FoodTech, AgeTech, HealthTech, MedTech, PropTech, AgriTech, SportTech, AI, Transport, Gaming, Construction, Fashion, Consumer goods, Clean Energy, Events, Travel, HR, Pets, Logistics, Media
  • Work on International Markets: USA, Canada, Europe, LATAM, Africa, Asia
  • Ability to work with 5+ of 50+ startups simultaneously. You can choose any number of products you can handle
  • Working hard during 6-9 months with all these opportunities you can reach the highest goal in your professional career
2. Get Startup Equity
You have the unique opportunity not only to give your career a boost and make more money but also to become a co-founder of the Startups you work with and to get up to 0,15% equity in each of them
Program of the Course
Who we are
WeInvest is the Next Generation Venture Builder, the future of company building
  • One successful IPO exit
    You're jumping in a terrific team who: made 1 IPO exit,
  • 6 startups with $14M in sales
    founded 6 successful startups with $14M in sales in total,
  • 6000+ people community
    has huge community to organize your work, and
  • 12 years on VC market
    who is the experienced team with a diverse background

  • Serge Shilnow
    New York, USA

    12 years of experience in the U.S. VC market, Co-Founder of six successful startups, including NeuraLoom, School of C and DigiMax which scaled

    to the IPO stage,

    Angel Investor


  • Julie Doo
    New York, USA

    8 years in marketing and design, 9 years of entrepreneurship and VC experience. Founder of a marketing & design agency.

    Co-founder of Unicorns Farm, a startup studio and software developer, Angel Investor


  • Alex Poryvaev
    New York, USA

    28 years of entrepreneurial experience in multiple industries including construction, retail and manufacturing. Co-founder of Unicorns Farm, a startup studio and software developer,

    Angel Investor


  • Alex Lardugin
    Munich, Germany

    12 years of PE & VC investment experience including Transaction Advisory, M&A and Corporate Development at companies including EY, MEAG, and BRANDED,

    Angel Investor


Product Managers who work with us say:
Andrei T.
became a Head of Product at WeInvest (US)
It's great to be part of a large community inspired by interesting projects in markets around the world.

Every day of work almost daily opens up something new and allows you to grow very quickly. Attention is paid to different areas, for example, I manage several teams, work in different markets, maintain my level of English, work on networking (social networks).

We are constantly experimenting and discussing various issues on projects, and most importantly, this experience will stay with me forever.
Snezhana P.
became a Team Lead at Apple (US)
I am very grateful to the Universe that I got the opportunity to do an internship at WeInvest. Having received a diploma as an IT product manager, I did not pass up the fear of taking on the responsibility of leading the team.

Initially, the vendors were divided into pairs and my co-director was an experienced product manager but had no relevant education. We complemented each other until the mobilization of the country. Life circumstances led Alexander to withdraw from the company. I continued my way alone. At some point there was a restructuring and, due to my efforts, I was offered the Head's position. I was leading projects, which were diametrically opposed to each other at the same time. I had to absorb a lot of information in order to help the teams not to give up, not to slow down on obstacles. After all, a product must have a specific direction: sport, psycho, space, etc.

However, I had a chance to try my hand at the maximum. I got a lot of insight, faith in my abilities and, most importantly, friends from all over the world from the IT industry. Many of them, without knowing it, helped me, not only to touch, but also to keep my dream! I went through seven circles of hell in the selection of a world-class company with their help. After passing the stage of the English interview the time was passing. And what a joy it was when I got the offer and concluded the contract.

I am extremely grateful to WeInvest! You are not just an it-products company, you produce staff for global companies and products to improve the quality of life! Thank you! I ask everyone to believe in themselves and not to give up!!!
Maria Y.
became a Project Coordinator at Marketing Agency NMO Digital (EU)
After the Internship I was hired, thank you for your help!
Kate B.
Middle to Senior Product Manager
The internship gives real experience in managing large teams in multitasking mode, tight deadlines and changing market trends, this is a unique opportunity to launch projects from scratch - one or several at the same time - and receive the first money from clients at the mvp stage, work "by hand" in the most basic areas - testing hypotheses, finding first clients, sales, presentations in English for founders and investors, etc. In cases of gagging, you can always turn to WeInvest's own database of lessons, developments and templates, as well as to experienced international mentors.
Danill R.
Middle to Senior Product Manager
I have the opportunity to test new methodologies and team management systems. I got to meet interesting people. I faced problems that were interesting to solve and got good experience in management.
Mikhail Y.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
This is a great opportunity to discover the world of product management and test whether you have entrepreneurial skills and how much work you are willing to do to achieve results.

In the process, I met many interesting people, compiled and prioritized hypotheses, analyzed the market and interviewed users, learned how to work with metrics and form dashboards, as well as studied popular management methodologies, and learned how to describe business models and calculate unit economics.
Thank you for the pleasant emotions and invaluable contribution to my further development in this field!
Yuriy D.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
I liked how flexible and at the same time seriously they take startups. After graduating, I was able to put my knowledge into practice. The company helped me to move through the processes, and organize the work within the team.

We had a clear and well-thought-out Lean Canvas Model. The team calls were informative and interesting. The startups that were discussed a Pitch Day were very inspiring in their usefulness and idea. I will probably bring some of my ideas here when I'm ready.

I advise this experience everyone who wants to put their knowledge into practice. Any part of a salesman's work involves being proactive. I was able to conduct surveys, take part in product presentations, be a project seller, and meet clients from the USA, England and other countries. It's definitely a rich experience for me.

There is also English Speaking Club on the platform. The level is appropriate. I am sorry to leave the project and I hope to come back.
Dmitry S.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
Thank you so much, it was a great place to upgrade my product manager career, I really liked the training materials and courses provided by the company. I learned a lot of new things, especially features of the American market (it is unlikely that without experience anywhere else it is possible to learn and interact with it). Well, most importantly, I managed to apply in practice a lot of product theory, which increased my confidence in this position and once again confirmed that I chose the right profession. I have only the warmest memories from this course, many thanks!
Regina V.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
The nicest thing about this experience is that you can really influence the development of the startup or even come up with your own idea. They will help you, explain, and listen to any idea. Weinvest representatives are always in touch, which also pleases me. I am grateful for the experience and interesting projects.
Mikhail M.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
The internship at WeInvest was extremely interesting and engaging for me. It helped me understand the principles of startup operations, improve my hard and soft skills, and introduced me to many amazing and interesting people. This internship gave me insight into what I am seeking in product management and where my path in this amazing world of products lies.
Dmitry B.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
This course helped me better understand product management. The company boldly invests in human capital and the creation of its own network. The company has created a good corporate internal training program. The materials are selected with knowledge and to the extent necessary for practice.

A friendly environment is formed for all the trainees, in which maximum freedom is created. Everyone can take the initiative and responsibility. That is what is needed to understand startup culture, generate ideas, see the interests of the audience, think and act out of the box.

I express my gratitude to all these people, the guys from our startup team and personally to the founders of the company, for their attention, for the opportunities provided, and for the atmosphere of friendship and cooperation.
Olesya S.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the implementation of a startup. To be involved in such a cause is very inspiring and motivating!

The opportunity to improve your communication, teamwork, and other skills is worth a lot. I wish all the startups and the company further success, implementation of planned activities, launch of more startups around the world, and good luck!
Kate A.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
This course gave me an interesting experience, new acquaintances, and professional skills. I liked the fact that people can come here, from juniors to seniors, and find a place for themselves to develop. Also there is an opportunity to move between startups and look for the one that will be interesting to create.
Dmitry B.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
Today I am completing my work here. I am grateful to the company for the interesting experience of working at a venture capital company.

Special thanks for the educational portal. A really big job was done. It helped me to understand a lot of things.

Working in a startup team, I've learned to be more flexible. For my part, I tried to bring my vision to the startup, more systematization.

Now I have to be 100 percent focused on finding a job where I can use my experience and best operational management practices. So I am leaving the project, but I hope that you will have a good impression of me!

Thanks again! Only going forward!
Nataly S.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
It gives you a good opportunity to try working as a product manager on real products. Even if you have no experience at all, you gradually learn, or you put theory into practice, it's cool
Anna T.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
This is a great opportunity to gain experience working with real cases and the team in practice. Very cool information support, a lot of useful articles, videos, discussions, and master classes. Everything is clear, coherent, transparent, and understandable. I am very happy that I found such an excellent course.
Thank you very much!
Dilyara G.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
I was here for three months. During this time I learned a lot about product management and startup processes, and most importantly, I gained a huge amount of experience in team management. That is what I came here for, and I feel that I have grown a lot during this time.

So thank you for such a great opportunity!)
Alexander S.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
Thank you very much! It was incredibly interesting working with you, and I think that the experience and knowledge I gained will be able to be used in the future. During this time I learned a lot and now I understand how startups and venture builders work. Thank you for this exciting adventure!
Olga G.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
Thank you!
I am very happy that I got this course. I gained knowledge and experience in a new area, colleagues were always helpful, supportive, and encouraging. I thank the founders for the opportunity to be part of a great project. I wish you development, success, and unlimited prospects.
Helen K.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
I was glad to take part in this course. It provides relevant and up-to-date knowledge in the field of business planning and customer development and also helps to develop systemic and creative skills: planning, skills working with mockups, websites, and presentations. Develops public speaking skills and gives opportunity to practice foreign language regularly.

Thank you to the founding team and the team of my startup for the opportunity to develop and gain valuable knowledge in the field of IT project development💪
Kate V.
Junior to Middle Product Manager
A good platform for pumping skills. Full immersion in the project, freedom of action, and help in any format. Thanks for this course)

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